Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Park's Edge: Restaurant Review

It's been called one of Inman Park's best kept secrets, and I have to agree with that.  And it's a secret because unless you knew where you were going, there is no way you'd find Park's Edge.  The restaurant is tucked back off the main road, down a one-way street that seems to dead end more than once on your way to the parking lot.

I expected to be able to see more of a park from the patio, but I saw some cars and an old train track.  There wasn't much a view.  Was I missing something?  I went to Park's Edge for Sunday brunch with one of my friends for her birthday.  We met at 12:15 so we could take advantage of the bottomless mimosas or bellinis that started at 12:30 (silly GA law).  Our server was great and had the orders for the drinks in before 12:30 so right on the dot we had drinks at the table.

The menu has a wide variety of items that cover the range from sweet to savory.  I started my meal with the soup of the day, a corn chowder.  It was fantastic.  Down to the very last drop.  Instead of slices of bread to the table before our entrees came out, warm biscuits were delivered to the table.  If you're keeping track, before my meal actually came out I'd already had a biscuit and a hearty bowl of soup.

For my meal I ordered the Breakfast Croissant ($10).  It seems a little pricy but you've never seen a breakfast sandwich this large.  After all of my appetizers I was only able to finish half of the croissant.  My friend ordered the Demi's Chocolate Chip Seasonal Berry Pancakes ($11) with bacon.  The berries were blueberries on our morning.  I had a little bit of order envy when I saw her serving platter size pancakes come out of the kitchen.  She wasn't able to finish those either.

The atmosphere was nice, very calming colors and music and the wait staff was always around when needed but never too overbearing.  Our drink glasses were never less than half full before a second glass was placed on the table for us.  We had to tell her to cut us off.  The dining room was packed for a Sunday brunch, but with a ScoutMob deal, it's what I expected and we knew to make reservations.

As I've mentioned in another post, Sunday brunches are my favorite meal of the week, especially when they're with people I love.  Park's Edge is definitely a great place to bring a friend, date or visiting family. I can't wait to go back for dinner.

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