Monday, April 2, 2012

The Masters 2012

I was beyond lucky enough to get Monday Practice Round tickets to the 2012 Masters.  You can watch the tournament on television, but until you are walking the grounds at Augusta National, you don't quite understand how gorgeous it really it.  It truly is one of those places on the planet that can't quite be captured in a photograph.  During the actual tournament cameras aren't allowed but they are Monday - Wednesday during the practice rounds.  Lucky us!

We left for Augusta in the morning and got to town just at 11:00am and found parking pretty quick and headed through the gate.  One of the best things about The Masters is how well they treat their patrons.  If you get to the club early enough you can get free parking just outside the gate.  How rare is that?!

Going through security was a breeze and every person we encountered was more than pleasant.  NOTE: cell phones or pagers are NOT allowed inside the gate.  They do provide free phones in a few places inside so you can call home/work if needed but you'll be turned away at the gate if you have a phone on you.  I was very concerned with what to wear Sunday night.  Temperatures were expected to reach 90 degrees so I wanted to be cool, but I also wanted to be conservative and appropriate for Augusta National.  For guys it's easy - shorts and a polo shirt.  Hats are a-okay.  Flip flops are okay.  For ladies shorts and skirts are acceptable and we saw all types of tops from tank tops to long sleeve shirts.  I wore a sleeveless shirt, but I avoided the spaghetti straps that we saw a lot of around the course, it just didn't feel right.

Food at The Masters is also SUPER cheap.  I'm not sure I've seen food prices like they are at the tournament anywhere else, especially with a crowd of people who are forced to eat concession stand food.  All of our food was $17.50.  That's 2 beers, one domestic and one light, a sweet tea, 4 sandwiches and 2 cookies.  We were so full and happy.  Pimento cheese sandwich - amazing.  Cookies - Heaven.  Sweet Tea - just perfect.

We spent the afternoon walking around the course, watching the players practices their tee shots, practice multiple shots from green and practice at different places around the green.  We didn't get to see Tiger Woods because he played 9 early in the morning before we got there.

Above is just behind the green of the 10th hole looking up towards the tee box.  How gorgeous is that??!

Amen Corner was as beautiful as ever, even without the blooming azaleas.

After we walking the 18 holes of the course we headed over to check out the Par 3 course.  It was wide open with only a couple people wandering around the course.  They hadn't even roped off the fairways yet.  It was breathtaking to be on the course, in the absolute quiet, just me and Stephen.

The experience at The Masters was excellent.  There really isn't another word to describe it.  It was a day full of memories that we'll keep without forever.  I hope we get to go back soon.

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