Friday, April 27, 2012

Rockstar Shopping Party at fab'rik

I'm sure you've seen those fishbowls at checkout counters of fast food chains or clothing stores for you to drop your business card for a chance to win something.  I see them all the time.  I never drop my card because I never feel there is a chance for me to win something.  I'm not sure what made me drop my card one day when I was shopping at fab'rik for a friend's birthday gift, but I did.  About two weeks later I got an email from the shop letting me know that I had won a Rockstar Shopping Party at the Atlantic Station location.

The party meant I got to invite 10-20 of my friends to come to the store, after hours, for a private shopping party.  Everything in the store was 20% off, even sale items.  They even had refreshments for us.  I should have taken pictures.

Last night was my party and it was one of the best shopping experiences of my life.  Everyone one there was a great friend.  We all dropped our purses on the chairs in the store and went to town.  It took us about 30 minutes before we got into the fitting rooms, we made sure to look at all the options.  Having the entire store a group of girls who know each other was so much fun.

Once we got into the dressing rooms it was organized chaos.  We each had so many different dresses and shirts to try some of us couldn't even fit it all in one dressing room!  It got to a point where everything we tried on we came out of our fitting rooms and showed the collective group.

Some dresses fit like a glove, some fit me horrible.  All of us have pretty different body shapes and sizes so it was also fun to see how one dress or shirt that looked horrible on me looked on someone else.

We all left the store happy.  I ended up with a maxi dress, of course, two tank tops and a long sleeve sheer top.

While shopping and spending time with some of your best friends is always fun, the staff at the store made the experience amazing as well.  There were 4 girls in the store to help us and they waited on us hand and foot.  Our drink glasses were always full, they had fitting rooms for us immediately and didn't make us carry arms full of clothes around the store and they helped us in the dressing room too.  They took our "no's" out and brought new sizes, helped with new suggestions and had fun with us.

It was such a great night, I hope someone else I know wins one day!

*fab'rik did not pay me or give me any sort of compensation for this review.  All opinions are my own based on my shopping experience in the store.

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