Friday, April 20, 2012

Pumpkin Cookies

Yes, it's April and I'm writing about Pumpkin Cookies, but believe me, it's worth it.  After a discussion at work about our goal to eat healthy a co-worker brought me a 5 lb. bag of oats!  With so many oats in the house I had to do some research on recipes.  My sprinkle on top of Greek yogurt or the annual cranberry crumble wasn't going to get us through 5 lbs.

My first stop on the Internet was the Quaker Oats website.  Pretty logical, the oats are Quaker Oats, I'm sure they know what to do with them.  There are TONS of recipes on the website.  Some very complicated, some super easy.  While I can only speak to one of them, I'm impressed so far.

While I wanted to find something to cook with my oats, I also wanted to use my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer again so I was leaning towards cookies.  I found a few recipes that grabbed my attention, but the Great Pumpkin Cookies was a winner.  We still have a few cans of pumpkin taking up space in the pantry and Friday night cookies is as good as an excuse that I need to open one of them up.  You can see the full recipe here.  It was very easy to follow and the cookies turned out PERFECT.

You'll notice, these are large cookies.  On my two largest cookie sheets I could only fit six cookies at a time in the oven.

These were my first cookies with walnuts and I'm really enjoying the texture that they give the cookies.  I wish I had put more raisins in the mix - 3/4 a cup doesn't seem like it was enough.  I baked the cookies for 14 minutes and they came out perfect.

The more I use parchment paper when I bake the more I could kick myself for not using it earlier.  I also used the cooked on parchment paper to separate the layers of cookies in my storage containers.  We have a 5k in the morning so I only ate a bite of one cookie that fell apart because I tried moving it to the cooling racks too fast.  

In addition to the additional raisins next time, I think I'll add a handful of chocolate chips next time too.  It may be Spring, but there is nothing wrong with some pumpkin cookies!  

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