Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shopping at American Eagle - at 30

I've avoided American Eagle and Abercrombie for a long time.  I would bet that it's been 10 years since I made my last purchase in either store.  Then came Pinterest.  I've been searching for a nice pair of colored skinny jeans that would be long enough for me and I haven't had any luck.  They all have a 32" inseam and are over $100.  I can't afford that and if I could, they are colored jeans, I'm not willing to pay that much.  Then I spotted some colored jeans on Pinterest from American Eagle.  I went to their site just to check out the price - not bad at $44.  Then I saw the best thing a 6'0" girl could see - the X-Long button.  That's right, American Eagle has X-Long skinny jeans.

These are the jeans that I bought - how cute are they!!!???  I got them in that pink color and I couldn't be happier.  I'd say my style is pretty conservative and classic and these jeans are the perfect punch of color.  And they are so long.  I actually have them folded up an inch with my sandals.  I'm looking forward to wearing some wedges with them and not worrying about them being too short!

I'm a size 8 at American Eagle, most other places (Anthropologie, etc) I'm a size 6.  Make sure you look at the sizing chart.  I also bought the cutest bathing suit from AE while I was on the site.  It was on sale and worth a shot.  LOVE IT.  Makes my minimal chest look like I'm actually an adult.  :)
(For sizing purposes, I got a small top and a medium bottom, if that helps anyone decide what size to order.)

Next month, I'll order the white skinny jeans.  I've done too much shopping already.

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