Monday, April 30, 2012

Wedding Planning - Post #3 - Hotel block

If look at everything that needs to get done on my to do list I'll freak out, so I'm only looking at one thing at a time and hoping that it all works out in the end.  This week my focus is going to be a caterer or bakery who can do our dessert only reception.  I have a feeling that a bakery only will have a problem with the set up, take down and manning of the table during the event (if needed) so I might have to go with a caterer.  I'm not sure.  Because I know a caterer will have linens and serving dishes, plates, napkins, etc I'm contacting them first.  Wish me luck.

While that seems like a daunting task for this week, I was able to secure our hotel for out of town guests.  Things I can do at my desk during a lunch hour are my favorite part of wedding planning.  I wanted to find a hotel close to the brewery but also close to other things to do for everyone while they are in town.  The reception is only three hours long and I hope family and friends stick around longer than that.

After some research I found the Artmore Hotel in Midtown.  It's located on West Peachtree close to all of the bars, restaurants and museums in that area.  It's also across the street from a MARTA station which will be perfect for the out of town guests who will be flying in.  They won't need a taxi or a rental car to get to the hotel.  Bonus!  That area is so walkable, too.  It's really one of the best parts of town.  Piedmont Park is only a few blocks away as well.  For the reception night, it's only a three mile taxi ride away.

Photo from Artmore Hotel Reservation website

Rooms are really reasonable, especially in the heart of Midtown, and they will include a breakfast for the guests.  I've heard the rooms are giant, too, from a friend who had her guests stay there for her wedding.  I love their patio, it looks great.   It's a trendy hotel, not your typical Hampton Inn or something similar, which is perfect for us.

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