Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wedding Planning - Post #1 - Hair Piece & Photographer

Well, here it goes - wedding planning.  My lunch hours are now going to be spent doing wedding related stuff - I'm calling them Wedding Hours.  For the next 4 months I'm going to be 100% focused on our wedding.  Can I do it all in 4 months?  I'm going to have to!  Luckily I have some amazing friends with some equally amazing talents who I can lean on.

Before we were even engaged we knew who was going to photograph our wedding - Jenn Hopkins Photography.  We met in college and she is one of those people who make your life better.  I've been lucky to stay friends with her so many years after college and I've watched her business take off.  She was the photographer for my step sister's wedding last May, my dad's wedding last New Year's Eve and she shot our family photography session before each of those events on top of countless other events for mutual friends.  She is our family photographer.  Stephen and I knew we couldn't have a wedding without Jenn.  She was as important as every member of our family.

If you haven't been to her website or blog, please check them out.  She's based in Jacksonville, but she can travel - and she's 100% worth it.

One of the next steps, many next steps, is to decide where I'm going to get my hair and makeup done for the wedding day.  There are a million place to choose, but with only 4 months until the wedding, I have to work fast.  I am in the process of scheduling a trail session with a hair stylist and makeup artist at Mariemarie Salon.  They are located between the house and Decatur where we'll be getting married so it will be perfect.  I'll update later after my trail runs!

If you see me in my daily life I rarely wear my hair up.  I want our wedding day to be special and I want to have my hair done up in an updo.  Along with that, I want a flower hairpiece.  My friend found an awesome shop on Etsy and I just purchased the most gorgeous hairpiece, ever.

The shop is Cultivar and can be found here.  The listing for my hairpiece is no longer on the page, so I pasted the picture for all to see.  I'm in love.  It's about 3" wide if that gives you a better idea for how big it will be on my head.  Soon I'll post some ideas for my wedding hair.  

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