Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wedding Planning - Post #10 - Wedding Night Dinner

Yet again, things with our wedding are exactly traditional.  With the ceremony being at the DeKalb County Courthouse on Friday afternoon we don't need to have a rehearsal or a rehearsal dinner the night before to run through any ceremony details.  With our reception starting at 9:00pm we are not serving dinner for our guest and in turn we're not eating at the reception either.  That leaves us with the need for a Wedding Night dinner versus a Rehearsal Dinner.

Stephen and I went back and forth for about a week as we tried to decide where we were going to have this dinner.  Dinner will be with all of our immediate family who we are inviting to join us at the ceremony at the courthouse, about 15 people.  I wanted to have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Parish, and Stephen wanted our other favorite restaurant, Cypress Street Pint & Plate.  Both restaurants have absolutely amazing food.  We each have favorite dishes at each place and I'm 100% comfortable in each dining room.  Parish is more business casual, where you'd take someone on a date night, and Cypress is definitely a casual restaurant/bar.

Trying to decide where we would eat on our wedding night created what was probably the worst fight we'll have while wedding planning.  We were both so determined to get our way and we are both so stubborn, it was serious.  Ultimately, we talked it out and we decided on Cypress Street.

Photo courtesy of Cypress Street Pint & Plate website

I called to make our reservation and to see if we can have the side room for our private party and I was told I would have to email to make a large party reservation.  It took more than 5 days for them to respond, after I sent a follow up email.  That type of thing really makes me angry.  If I didn't respond to an email for a full work week I'd be fired, or at least given a very stern talking to.  Once i did get in touch with the person in charge, things moved smoothly.

We don't have enough people to reserve the entire side room, but we'll still get our tables with a white tablecloths to make it a little more fancy.  I even got to go through the menu to create our own Wedding Night Menu.  

We'll be at Cypress for two hours before we head over to SweetWater Brewery for our reception.  

Now that it's been a few days since we decided on Cypress, I'm absolutely happy with our decision.  Parish will always be my favorite, but Cypress will now have a special place in our heart.

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