Monday, May 7, 2012

We're Officially Crazy

The weekend started out just as we had planned.  We woke up Saturday morning and drove up to Buckhead to participate in the Stache Dash at Tin Lizzy's.  It was an awesome race and all around event. I think it was much larger than they anticipated it being year #1, but they handled it well.  The only complaint I have was at the start and that we weren't individually timed.  We were about halfway back in the pack when they started the race, so we had to walk for about 15 seconds to even cross the start line and we were basically walking once we passed, too.  It was probably a good quarter of a mile before we could actually run at the pace we wanted.  That threw off our times a bit.  But after that, it was a breeze.  The course was fantastic and the hills weren't too bad.  And because we were running down busy streets, the miles seemed to go faster because you weren't just looking at house after house after house.

Here is the route:

According to my GPS on my iphone it was just under a 5k.  My phone also clocked me under 35 minutes, but my "official" time on the clock was 35:04.  So if I take off 45 seconds for the walking start and not actually crossing the start until after the clock had started, under 35 min is my best one yet!

After the race we hung out at Tin Lizzy's to have a few Mexican beers to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  It was great because we got a table right away and had finished our two beers and some guac by 10:30am.  Not a bad morning.  Leaving the race area we passed through a pet adoption group who was there with some puppies and kittens.  Of course we stopped.  This is where I think we lost our minds.  We ended up adopting one of the puppies!  Blog world, meet our new addition, Goose.

He is a 35 lb or so black lab (mix maybe) bundle of puppy happiness.  He's only 14 weeks and he's the size of Mabel.  Can you tell how giant his paws are?  If you can't tell, they are giant.  I always thought Mabel had a big tongue, Goose's puts hers to shame.  I think we have a giant on our hands.  (Pictures of him are hard because he's soooo black!  A lot of times you only get tongue or harness.)

Goose has been with us since Saturday afternoon and he's definitely coming out of his shell.  When we first brought him home he went to the dark corner by the fireplace and would venture out then run back.  He still goes there when Mabel chases him too long or he doesn't want to put on his leash, but he doesn't hide there anymore.  He also uses his crate as his safe place.  He slept in the bed with us the first two nights so he got used to us, but he'll be going into the crate until he is potty trained.  He woke us up at 2:30am to go outside so I took him out then he peed on the carpet when we brought him back in.  Cleaning up pee at 2:40 in the morning was not what Stephen wanted to be doing and I didn't want to spend 10 minutes outside in the dark.

Mabel likes Goose but I bet she'll love him when he starts to play with her as much as she wants him too.  She's such a noisy and fast player, he's not used to that yet.  And they are still working out who is the dominant one.  She definitely is, but because he's as big as her they have to work it out.  It should make for some fun videos.

So there you have it - at Tin Lizzy's you can run a race, have some chips and salsa and adopt a puppy on race day.  Not only will I have wedding updates to make, but I'll also be able to post about Goose's training progress.  Thank God I have Stephen.

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