Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Planning - Post #7 - Reception Decor

I had the past weekend to my self when Stephen headed out of town.  I didn't have as much free time as I had planning to have with Goose around, but I still got a lot of wedding stuff done.

Before we get to the wedding planning info, let's update on Goose's progress.  They boy loves to play.  Friday he finally came out of his shell and started playing with Mabel.  She's been trying to get him to play for a week and he finally caught on.  When they get going they are a ball of black dogs rolling around on the floor.  Goose hadn't made a noise until Friday when he learned that he does have a voice.  It's not manly and Mabel just ignores him, but he'll "bark" at her to get her attention when she's ignoring him.  He also started paying attention to what Mabel was playing with and he started chewing on bones and the kong ball.  Whatever Mabel has, he wants.  Whatever Goose has, Mabel wants.  It's pretty funny. Here is a picture of the two of them, each with their own bone.  Super cute.  About 2 minutes later Mabel decided she wanted what Goose had and it became chaos.

Goose is blue, Mabel is red.  (please ignore the blue tape on the walls - I'm still trying to finish painting the bedroom.  Longest. Paint. Job. Ever.)

Okay, onto the wedding details!  We get to go to SweetWater tomorrow after work to meet with our coordinator at the venue to walk through the space.  We've been there so many times, but never while thinking about how to decorate for our wedding.  This will be fun.  I plan on taking a TON of pictures and asking how other people have decorated the space.

Saturday, I went shopping for reception details.  I got one of the final details for the favors and I got ribbon for our flower vases.  (I don't want to share details on the actual favors until after the wedding so guests don't find out before the wedding day.  They'll make a good blog post!)  Finding our colors was actually pretty easy.  I also found our "guest book" while at Michael's.  We don't want an actual guest book because nobody will really ever read it and we didn't have engagement photos taken so we couldn't do a book of engagement pictures as a guest book (my fave) so we decided on a frame with a large matte for everyone to sign.  I love how these look in the house after a wedding.  We'll put our favorite picture from the wedding day in the frame when we get them back.  It will look something like this:

Photo from Michael's website

I am also in love with monogram anything.  If I can monogram something, I want it.  I love making everything more personal.  I saw some wedding decor that focused on the couple's last name and I had to incorporate it into our reception as well.  

We are still 3 months from the wedding day, but I couldn't keep them all boxed up until then, so they've already found their permanent home on one of our mantles.  We'll take the mugs and flowers with us to SweetWater for the reception and place them somewhere.... that's what tomorrow's meeting will help us decide.  I got the mugs at Anthropologie for $6 a piece and the flowers are from Michael's where they were having a buy one get one sale on all flowers. I couldn't pass it up.  (You'll also notice my Florida craft with thread from this post!)  I love that the white mugs and flowers really stand out against the walls and work nicely with the white fireplace.  Ahhh, love.  Some may say it's bad luck to use your new last name before the wedding - BUT the house is technically still only Stephen's, so the mugs are for him until August.  

Still trying to nail down a caterer.  I'm tempted just to book one because the 2nd one that we're waiting to hear from is being very slow to respond.  I'll keep you posted.  

Lastly - I have a new favorite gift website.  See above when I mentioned monogramming being an obsession.  This site feeds that obsession.  Please check out In This Very Room.  It's a little piece of heaven for me.  I'd take one of everything - especially the casserole carriers!  There are so many great items on the site, I purchased two (a personalized platter and a monogrammed glass pitcher) as wedding gifts for a cousin who is getting married Memorial Day weekend.  I've never met his bride, but I'm going to hope she will like things with her new last name.  I mean, it's an awesome last name.  I've only explored the home goods section of the site and I love it all.  I think one of our next purchases after the wedding is over will be one of the coolers so we can take it to Braves Games.  Happy shopping!

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