Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wedding Planning - Post #11 - Invitations

It's official-official now, word is out, we're getting married, invitations have all gone out in the mail.  No turning back.

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is the outpouring of love from friends and family.  So many people have special talents and that they are willing to share with us, we're smart enough to let people help us.  One of the most important things we'll do for the wedding is sending out the invitations.  They will be the first thing that our friends and family see in our wedding colors and style.  They will be a representation of us to everyone out there.  They needed to be perfect.  One of my very best friends is a talented graphic designer (and even better architect) and she offered to design our invitations for us.

I sent her a few different invitations that I liked on Etsy and she merged them together to give us our perfect invitation.  Here she is:

We're in love with them.  Thank you so very much Lindsay Clayton King for your fabulous design.  Check out her design page here.

In the process of addressing all of the invitations I realized just how lucky Stephen and I are.  We have so many friends and family who we want to share our special day.  We have so many that we aren't even able to invite everyone we love, a sad realization, but to keep the wedding small we had to make some pretty hard decisions.

We were able to invite 75 people from NINE different states across the country.  From California to New York to Florida and Texas.

For our RSVPs we decided not to send out a separate RSVP card but are asking guests to go to our wedding website to RSVP, a service that TheKnot offers for free.  I love the idea of driving guests to our site where they can get all the information they need about our relationship, our wedding and reception, hotel rooms, RSVP information and so much more.  Now we get to wait and watch as the responses come in - in real time!

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