Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Victory Sandwich Bar + Emporium: Restaurant Review

I'm not sure I've mentioned how much I love Inman Park restaurants.  A few weeks ago when we dined out at two Inman Park Restaurant Week participating restaurants it was almost impossible for us to pick which two.  One worked out well, the other was delicious, but not the right scene for us.  Well, I just found yet another Inman Park restaurant that I'm obsessed with: Victory Sandwich Bar.

Located just off of what I would consider the main intersection of Inman Park, North Highland and Elizabeth Street, Victory is a large one room restaurant and bar with a great patio.  On my first trip to Victory it was a gorgeous night and there wasn't a single seat available outside.  Inside the feeling is ver industrial, but also welcoming because of the friendly staff.  I've not met a single employee at Victory that wasn't helpful or friendly.  Guests don't have to wait to be seated, find a table, someone will be with you shortly, with a smile.

The menu is great for those nights or afternoons when you're not ready for dinner or you've already snacked before heading out and it's also great if you're in the mood for a variety for dinner.  The menu is made up of 11 sandwiches, each just $4.  And that's $4 including tax.  They aren't the massive sandwiches you'll find at a chain restaurant, they're fit in the palm of your hand size.  Great if you're looking for a snack and 2 or 3 would be plenty for a full dinner.  Each comes with chips.  I had The Mulligan (smoked ham and pimento cheese) and it was amazing.  I wish I had ordered two, but two sandwiches after a full dinner isn't really on the wedding "eat right" diet.  The menu also has sides and snacks that range from Potato Salad to Hummus to Spicy Sesame Ramen.  Each look delicious and I didn't hear any complaints from any of the friends I was dining with.

Another fun part of the menu is the drink menu.  They have your typical bar offerings and then the Vics Picks which include my favorite, the Slushie, a frozen Jack and Coke.  It's a spiked slurpee!!  From what I could tell, and I didn't try all the offerings, but the bartenders seem to have a heavy hand and pour drinks that customers want to drink.

My first trip I walked out with a bill less than $6.  My second trip with two drinks and the Hummus was less then $15.  Did I mention the ping pong table in the back, I don't think I did.  Yes, there is a ping pong table.

The super casual restaurant is open from 11am to 2am every day.  Drinks aren't served on the patio after 11pm.  I'm not exactly sure the reasoning there... but I don't think there will be a problem for anyone.

Check it out.  It quickly became a restaurant that I've recommended to several people and has already entered the short list of suggested places for a Friday or Saturday night out with friends.  And because of the proximity to so many of my favorite restaurants it could easily be the second stop of the night, probably the last.

Oh, and a second location is coming soon to Decatur on Church St- a perfect fit for the Victory vibe.

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