Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wedding Planning - Post #5 - Picking Colors

Planning so far hasn't been too difficult.  I picked out my dress pretty fast, I know how I want my hair, picking our venue was easy, photographer was a no brainer.  Picking out our wedding colors was super easy too.  It's so nice to plan a wedding, and life together, when you're doing it with someone with the same likes and dislikes and similar philosophy on life.

That's getting a little deep to talk about picking out our colors - but it was a no-brainer.  We both love blue and the ocean and the bright colors that are associated with the beach so we wanted to stick with that.

Here are some items in our two colors - a nice royal blue and a pretty teal.  Pretty easy decision.  Check that off our list!  I sent this picture to our friend who is designing our invitations and she'll use them in the invites as well.  I have my shoes already, too!  They don't match the colors above exactly but they are in the same family.  I don't want to be matchy-matchy with all the decor.  I'm keeping the shoes secret until the wedding day.

I've also started the process of finding our caterer.  Ugh.  What a long project this will be.  There are so many thing to consider and because the brewery isn't a typical event space there are added factors.  Tables - the brewery doesn't have tables so we have to rent them.  Do we rent them from a table rental company or do we rent them from our caterer?  The patio doesn't have seating at all, do we need a picnic bench out there or just a tall cocktail table like we'll have inside.  There are 30 barstools at the venue already, so we're okay on seating.  It's a cocktail event, if everyone is sitting we have a problem, mingle people!  Dance!  Hopefully in a future post, soon, I'll be able to say that we chose a caterer.

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