Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Scream for Ice Cream!!!

Yesterday Ben & Jerry's was giving out FREE ICE CREAM CONES until 8:00pm.  If you know me, you'll know that there is not an ice cream that I enjoy more than B&J.  They were even the focus of an entire semester of work in college.  I love me some Half Baked.  My good friend, Jessica, and I decided we'd head over after we each got home from work and grabbed a little dinner.  We headed over around 7:15.  This is what we saw...

The longest line for ice cream that I've ever seen. It was a block long.  Now we really wanted some ice cream, but we didn't want to stand in line for that long.  So off we were to the nearest Cold Stone.  We pull in - IT'S CLOSED!  WTF.  We could have easily headed home, but we wanted some ice cream so we turned to Yelp to help us out.  The nearest place that showed up was Jake's Ice Cream, so off we went.  A few detours and wrong turns later we arrived to the CUTEST PLACE!

It turns out the building is a co-op and there are quite a few businesses that operate out of the one location, Jakes was the only one that was still open.  Also inside was a cooking class studio, lunch place, a giant living room area with chairs and sofas, games and books.  We were so very excited we stumbled upon this little gem of a place.  Believe me, we were definitely on streets we've never been on before, yet it wasn't too far from home.  I got a strawberry shortcake ice cream waffle cone and Jessica got an amazing chocolate mixture and we sat outside and took it all in.  We also signed up for information from the cooking class, I'll post about that if we end up going.

Sometimes what you really want doesn't happen - but make the best of it and find something better!

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