Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Midway Pub

Last night was game 5 of the Magic vs Hawks Playoff series and being a fan of both teams I had to go out to watch the game.  (Free cable at my house is officially gone - no more Today Show in the morning with breakfast)

The usual two, Micah and Jessica, and I decided, after MUCH discussion, to head to The Midway Pub in East Atlanta Village.  I love heading out to parts of town that I'm not very familiar with and I was a bit nervous about EAV.  I'm not sure why it makes me nervous, maybe because it's more "hipster" than I am used to?  But hipsters don't scare me, I can take on most of the hipster guys... I'll have to think about that more.  I should have learned by now that my friends know what they're talking about, we had a great time.

The bar has a HUGE patio (no TVs outside) and it's pretty spacious indoors as well.  The service was HORRIBLE, but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and blame it on being a Tuesday night with trivia and not having their "A team" on staff that night.  We had a beer cheese appetizer, it was to die for, and I had a turkey burger for dinner.  I'd just finished a run before heading out and the beer cheese pretty much cancelled out my hard work so I opted for the healthy burger with a side of green beans.  

The Magic crushed the Hawks so the series heads back to Atlanta tomorrow night.  Fingers crossed for tickets!!

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