Friday, April 15, 2011

Top Flr

Let me start by saying - I love this place.  I drive by this place every day on my way to work because it's at the end of my street.  I've been dying to go since I moved in to my apartment in January.  It always looks like it has a good group of people inside and it looks like a cool vibe.  I was 100% correct on both AND the food is amazing.

We started with an appetizer of mussels and a side of their mac n cheese.  A direct quote from my date, "the mussels are divine."  Yes, I gave him crap for saying that the rest of the date, but he was right.

And the mac n cheese - definitely a top 3 in the city.   Then it was time for our main courses.  I had the Pan Seared Halibut and Stephen had the Duck Confit Pizza.  Now in all honesty, I don't think we could have made a bad decision, but both entrees we selected were delicious.  I wanted dinner to last all night the food was so good.

The place was packed and service not the best, but I'll give the place a pass because the food was so amazing and I was with great company.  We each had a drink before we got our table and we had another with dinner.  The wine list is pretty expensive, but worth it.

If you've made it to the end of this post, then you know I was on a date with a new guy, Stephen.  We met Friday at the Braves tailgate, he's friends with my friend, Micah.  We hung out a few times before our date when I was sick, but last night was the official First Date.  It went very well, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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