Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Whole Foods Recipe iphone App

I have a lot of Apps on my phone.  Some I use everyday, some I rarely touch.  Some I downloaded when I got my phone (I'm talking about you Shazam) that I've never actually used.

One of these Apps is the Whole Foods Recipes App.  I downloaded it weeks, maybe months, ago and never used it.  Last night I decided to give it a try.  There are two ways to do a recipe search.
1. by course, category or special diets
2. by what you have on hand in the pantry

I tend to use option 2 most often when playing with the App, or searching for any recipe really.  You can also create a list of favorite recipes and once you've chosen a recipe to try, the App allows you create a grocery list that you can actually cross off items.

On hand I had squash, chicken and tomatoes and the App gave me 4 recipe options, I chose "Family Night Chicken with Winter Squash."  The recipe was super easy to follow, it didn't have any crazy ingredients that I could only find at Whole Foods (I did all my shopping at Publix) and the meal was delicious.  I found it a little difficult to follow the recipe on one tab while having to flip back to the ingredient tab to find out the sizes.  (Add the tomato paste and garlic to a bowl... well how much of each... I had to flip back and forth.)  Making it even more difficult was having dirty hands to keep the screen lit while I was reading ahead.

All in all, it was a good experience and I'll use it again.  I also have the AllRecipes App that I haven't used yet.  The phone Apps won't replace my print outs and magazines, but having one more alternative never hurts!

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