Friday, May 13, 2011

125 Years of Coke!

When asked what I want to drink, I want a coke.  No matter what I really want, it's a Coke.  Even if I know the restaurant only has Pepsi products, I ask for a Coke.  It's a Southern thing.  My mom wants a soda, she's from Wisconsin.  Some people want a Pop.  Coke is for me.

Atlanta is the home of Coke.  (Thank goodness!!) This year Coke is celebrating it's 125th Birthday and they aren't keeping such big news quiet.  Their corporate offices are located in Midtown Atlanta off of North Ave by Georgia Tech, not far from my house.  Last night Stephen and I were driving to my house and I looked to the building and this is what we saw!

The entire building is a video screen, all sides, and they are projecting a video right onto the building.  I have no idea how tall the building is, but 20+ stories.  We pulled over into the parking lot and watched the video for a while.  It was crystal clear and beautiful.  My phone camera photos don't do it justice.  Here are a few more.

All of these are stills, but it was a moving video.  I have about 2:00 of footage on my phone.  Click here to see a youtube video that Coke put together about the 125th birthday.

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