Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Ladies night and the feelings right!

The first night of Bunco!!!  Dice, wine (a lot of wine), crazy fun ladies and girl talk.  What more can you ask for on a Wednesday night?

My mom has played Bunco my entire life with basically the same core group of women.   The Bunco ladies came to the house once a month and I’d try to hide or I’d get to play at a friend’s house that evening.  It was always crazy stressful for my mom, and us kids, because the house had to be spotless!  For that reason I hated Bunco.  The women would ooh and ahh over me and my sister and want to hear all about school and sports.  I just wanted to watch TV, which was off limits on Bunco nights.  Then I was allowed to sub a few times in high school and realized how much fun women can have just talking to each other and laughing.

Last night was the first Bunco night with a group of ladies my age.  It was fantastic.  I knew about half of them from so there was a built in comfort level.  As the wine bottles were emptied, of course we were more and more comfortable with each other.  There are a lot of crazy women out there, and I’m sure I can be included in that group from time to time, but we found 12 ladies who all get along and enjoy each others company.  It was only night number one, but I hope we’re able to continue for months and years to come.

What happens at Bunco stays at Bunco, so I’ll never disclose actual discussions – but some topics were borderline gross.  Whoever says that it’s only boys who discuss gross things have never hung out with a group of ladies and a couple bottles of wine.

I’m hosting Bunco at my apartment in April.  My tiny, one-bedroom apartment will host 12 women.  I’m not sure where we will all fit with our tables, but that will only add to the fun.  More to come on that later. 

Only one wine glass broke last night.  It was worse to see the wine go to waste then to lose the glass.  

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