Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Well, here goes nothing!

Today begins my journey to try to do one new thing each day for a full year.  

Today's New Thing: Starting a blog.  

A bunch of my friends have blogs, some that I read each day hoping for an update, and it's time for me to give it a shot.  Kristin has her blog that she started when she was planning her wedding so people would stop asking her wedding detail questions (my favorite: http://www.ourlifebeyondthegame.blogspot.com/), Jenn has her photography blog (if you need a photographer – you can’t go wrong with Jenn Hopkins Photography, she’s extraordinary: http://jennhopkinsphotography.com/blog/) and another friend writes about her life with triplets.

I need this blog to keep myself accountable.  If had a goal and nobody knew about it to kept me honest, I know I’d never finish. It’s like going to the gym, I like to go, I really do, but if nobody knows I didn’t go one evening, I don’t feel bad talking myself out of it.  This is my way of letting people (a person maybe?) know what I’m doing and that I’m keeping myself on track. 

I’ll also be looking for ideas from anyone out there who is following along.  I have my first week of New Things lined up, but from there, I’m going to have to seriously start planning and doing some research.  Some days are going to be long hours at work, others will be rainy Saturday afternoons at home, but I will still need something new to try. 

I might as well put it out there now, but some Things may take longer than a day.  For example a trip to a new city or reading a book by an author I never thought I’d read.  Those ideas are okay.  Not everything can be completed in one day.  If I don’t update everyday, I’m okay with that as long as I wasn’t skipping days with nothing in progress. 

Her are the ideas I have so far.  Not sure when each of them will happen, but I can already tell I need to have a list of ideas to reference when the times get tough. 
·      Learn to ski
·      Vacation with my sisters, without parents!
·      Walk to work
·      Take public transportation to work
·      Take a sewing class
·      Take a cooking class
·      Cook a turkey
·      Get waxed, yes that kind of waxed (very nervous about this one!)
·   Take a weekend trip by myself

I’ll also try to visit new restaurants, bars and parts of town.  Atlanta is so big, I feel like I’ve only touched the surface of what the city has to offer and I’ve been here 7 years.

So, today’s task is complete.  I’ve set up a blog and written my first official blog post.  It feels pretty good.  I’m sure I’ll get more creative with this as time goes on.  Stay tuned!


  1. Yay!! Getting waxed..that's scary!! Does watching a new tv show count? Can't wait, 364 more new things :)

  2. Congratulations, Katie. You're off to a great start. Enjoy the ride and write about it all.
    Best blogging wishes.