Friday, February 25, 2011

Spoon Westside

Last night I used yet another ScoutMob coupon and tried out a Thai restaurant, Spoon, on the Westside of town.  I'm not a fan of spicy food.  At all.  So my choice are limited at any Thai place, but it allows me to compare the different Thai places I've visited because I only get Pad Thai.

Spoon is in the Top Two!  My all time favorite Thai place is in NYC, Thai Select.  My sister and NY co-workers all LOVE it there and I feel the same way.  I try to go every time I'm in the city.  Spoon came in as a very close second.  The food was wonderful and the wine was great.  I had shrimp pad thai.  I forgot to take a picture, sorry!

I highly recommend Spoon to anyone looking for great Thai food.  There are two locations in town so you're never too far if you're ITP.

The weekend is finally here.  It's going to be a much quieter weekend than it was last weekend, so I'll have to be creative in my "new things" for the next two days.  One week until DC!

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