Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You CAN get something for $1!

Last night was ladies night with three of my favorite ladies on the planet.  We used to see each other everyday at work but so much has changed in the past 7 months we now have to plan fun dinners to see each other.  We chose Buckhead Bottle Bar as our restaurant last night and we were definitely not disappointed. 

The restaurant itself is very unique. White tulips hanging from the ceiling provide the lighting, the tables are large wooden blocks and one wall is a long, green wall of padding.  Sounds odd, but it sets a very fun mood.  We picked BBB because they have a coupon on ScoutMob (I told you I was a fan) and that was just the beginning. 

When we first arrived we were one of the only tables in the restaurant.  By the time we left at 8:00 it had filled up and the bar was filling out as well.  But it never felt crowded.  Our waiter let us know for happy hour all sliders are $1 and all of the personal pizzas are $1.  WHAT!?!  That’s amazing.  NOTHING in Atlanta is a $1.  Parking outside the building is $2 for an hour, and the machine only takes quarters.  (That’s could be a blog post on it’s own. Who has 8+ quarters in their car to enjoy a nice meal with friends??) We quickly ordered two of each slider, beef, veggie, shrimp and tuna, and two pizzas with our drink orders.  Each was surprisingly delicious.  The pizza was not your typical pizza, the dough was grilled before the toppings added and it was cooked just to the right crispiness.  The sliders were the perfect dish to share among friends – and did I mention they were a dollar!  Each slider was cooked perfectly.

Our final bill with 10 sliders, 2 pizzas and 4 glasses of wine and 4 cocktails was $77 and then we took another $15 off with our Scoutmob coupon.  We all ate and drank for 2 hours for under $20.  That’s unheard of.  We tipped our waiter really well and said our good byes. 

I was pleasantly surprised with what Buckhead Bottle Bar had to offer – I would highly recommend it to friends, especially those looking for a fun happy hour with good bar food.  ONE DOLLAR! 

static3.jpg (picture from BBB's website - and that's actually the table we sat at lat night)

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