Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keeping motivated

I'm going to try everything to keep myself motivated to run.  I tell people about when I run, I try on my summer clothes that I don't quite fit and I've put on a bikini.  All definitely push me to run.

I know I'm not fat.  I'm blessed with a fast metabolism and 6 feet to spread all my weight.  I just don't like the jiggly areas.  Jiggly isn't pretty in a bikini or sundress.

I keep hearing about the "runner's high"and I want to find it.  I've never enjoyed running, but I like the results I see in people who keep it up.

I downloaded an app on my phone, iMapMyRUN, to help me stay on track.  The app tracks my run with the GPS on my phone.  When I'm done with my run I can see the map of where I went, the elevation of the run and how fast I was going.  There is even a website, MapMyRUN, that has even more information for me on my run and shows similar runs in my area.  Pretty neat.  I'm hoping that if I can see what I've done and track it, I'll keep it up.

Tonight I need to run again - let's hope I can find it in me.

My run

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