Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rocky start...but victory in the end!

My Kindle arrived yesterday to much excitement.  It is so much cooler than I expected.  It's SUPER thin, thinner than my iphone when it's in it's case, and the e-ink technology is shocking it's so realistic.  Now the big thing with the Kindle is that it is supposed to work as soon as you take it out of the box, Amazon Fail.

The Kindle worked, it turned on, it was registered to me because I bought it with my Amazon.com account and it was ready to go BUT to recognize who it belongs to it needs to connect to wifi.  Sounds easy, my office has wifi, I put in my password.  Nothing.  For a few hours we tried to figure it out.  We (by this time my entire half of the office knew what was going on) took a trip downstairs to the food court area where we know there is free wifi, we even went to the hotel next door.  NOTHING.  Katie = pissed.

I called Amazon tech support and the guy didn't sound shocked that I was having a connectivity problem.  It was even option #3 on the menu when I first called.  Let me back up for one second, before I called tech support I also checked online to see if there was anything I was missing - nope.  Now the guy asks me to go to the home page, put in "date" and tell him what shows up.  My Kindle thinks it's Jan 2010.  There is the problem.  Most wireless networks won't accept a device if it has the wrong date.  So he told me to go to Starbucks and get on their wifi network because it doesn't use a date for verification.  Really?  Big, monster company Amazon's advice was to go to Starbucks to fix their problem.  Well, I did and it worked.

I'm going to write a review of the Kindle and include this problem.  Not the best way to start using a product that should work right out of the box.  However, now that it's working - I'm in love.  I started my first book last night, the first book of The Hunger Games.  I've seen a lot of people comment on it on facebook and the reviews are great.  Yes, it's a young adult book, but I'll read anything if it's good.  And that's how I plan to use my Kindle most of the time- for books that I don't want to own down the line.

Reading a book has never been easier.  No more turning pages, just one push of a button and it does it for you.  I got in one position and didn't have to move to shift the book from side to side or worry about my arm getting tired of holding a heavy book.  I can't wait to get home and read more.  The story is good too.  I'll review that when I'm done.

This was a long post, I'm sorry, but I feel passionately about my Kindle and wanted people to know the crazy issue that nobody mentions, but they know about...

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