Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mad Men - Season 1

I work in Advertising, Mad Men is about the advertising industry in the early 1960s on Madison Ave.  I thought I'd hate the series, so I never bothered to watch.  I thought it would be so far off from what really happens in an agency that I'd get mad and turn it off.  Like a doctor watching Grey's Anatomy.  There is no way there is that much drama at a hospital, or at least that much sex between co-workers.  BUT, I have Netflix and Mad Men is on Netflix so I gave it a shot.  I just finished Season 1.

I LOVE IT.  It's not a fast paced TV show, there aren't crazy cliffhangers at the end of every episode, but the characters are amazing.  You hate each of them yet at the same time you're pulling for each of them at the same time.  It might be one of the most true-to-life programs I've watched in a long time.  Not everyone is perfect and Mad Men does a good job showing that even those with the perfect face and perfect family and perfect home can be sad and have their own demons.

The thing that shocked me about the show is how much people smoked!  In meetings, in elevators, in their baby's nursery, while eating breakfast.  It's nuts.  BUT talking with people who worked in advertising back then, or not long after, that's exactly how it was.

I love how beautiful everyone is in the show and I'm so impressed with the details that the producers put into set decoration and costumes.  I now finally understand why the show keeps winning awards.  It was just announced yesterday that Season 5 will be postponed until early 2012!  WHAT!  No! I want it this Fall, but it seems the creator of the show and AMC have some differences of opinions when it comes to payment.  Good thing I still have Seasons 2-4 in my queue to keep me company.

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