Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baroni Casual Italian

Yep, my blog is turning into a daily review of restaurants around Atlanta.  I have so many dinners planned with friends this week they are taking up my evenings when I'd have time to do something new.  Don't take that the wrong way, dinners with friends are one of my favorite things.  Probably top five favorite thing.  Especially when it's at a new restaurant.

Last night I met 3 former co-workers at Baroni Casual Italian.  They are old co-workers but these three ladies are far more than people I used to sit next to in cubeland.  They are three of the best friends you could ever ask for.  They are sounding boards when I need advice, they are always there with new exciting things going on in their lives and they can always be counted on to share a glass of wine or two.  They have each seen me cry, laugh, get angry and make a fool out of myself after too much alcohol.  I love each of them and can't wait to see what the next years hold for us.

Back to the restaurant - Baroni was fantastic.  Great Italian at decent prices.  I'll definitely be adding it to my list when I need some pasta and red wine - which is often.  The manager sent two desserts to our table, totally unnecessary and totally welcomed.  And something that a lot of people take for granted - Baroni has TONS of parking.  BONUS!

Tonight I'm going to yet another new restaurant because it's Buckhead Restaurant Week!  Then this weekend is full of 100% new things - it's my sister's trip to Washington DC.  Get ready men and women of our capital city, the Deegans and Dormans are coming.

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