Monday, March 28, 2011

Nice, but not for me

I'll get to the date details, but first I have to talk about Friday, since you know, it happened first.

Friday night I went to dinner with one of my best friends, Hanieh, at the new Flip Burger on Roswell Road.  SO good.  I've been to their first location on Howell Mill and loved it, but it was my first time at this location and one feels much different.  The space is an old Blockbuster Video, so it's much larger than the other location, which is a good thing.  The bar area is also much larger and separate from the dining area so the people waiting for a table aren't standing over the diners watching them eat.   And they have a pretty nice patio, a necessity for the Spring.   Hanieh got engaged a few weeks ago while on vacation and just told me her wedding is going to be August 27 - THIS August 27.  I introduced the two of them and lived with them for a year, I couldn't be more happy about this wedding.  I can't believe it's so soon, but they've been dating for years, so there really isn't the need for a long engagement.

Okay, now onto the blind date.  He's a nice guy, just not for me.  I think it ultimately comes down to our personalities not matching.  I'm a very outgoing and social person and he's not.  I'd rather be hanging out with friends than sitting alone at home and he seems to be the opposite.  And I was interrupted a few times while talking - NOT the way to get a second date.  I'd be asked a question and before I could finish the complete answer, he'd change the subject.  I was trying not to do the one word answers and he wasn't feeling it.  I didn't feel like he was there to get to know me.  Lastly, I think he was uncomfortable with my height when I was in heels.  If you're still taller than me when I'm in heels, I'm going to wear heels.  Don't make me feel bad about it.

The date actually made me more comfortable being single.  I'm glad I'm confident and know what I want.  I'm not going to settle.

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