Monday, March 21, 2011

What a weekend!

It's been a while since I posted, I knew last week was going to be a crazy one.  I wasn't at work on Friday (birthday present to myself) so I was never in front of a computer to write about St Patrick's Day.

To celebrate my favorite holiday I went to dinner with two of my good friends at DBA Bar B Q in the highlands - one of the best burgers ever! - to watch the Gator basketball game.  It was a complete domination by the Gators, so my night was off to a good start.  Then we met up with a bunch more people headed to a block party hosted by Limerick Junction.  It was PACKED.  I don't think we actually stepped foot into LJ but had a crazy time out in the back.  Once that party was over and the music stopped we headed to a house for the after party and continued to have a blast.  I didn't work on Friday, so I wasn't worried about the time.

My plan for Friday was to sit on a patio enjoying the wonderful weather with friends watching basketball.  That's exactly what I got.  PERFECT day.

The rest of the weekend was spend with friends.  Oyster grilling party, patio drinking, basketball, dinner, dancing.  So much fun.

My new thing Thursday was DBA BBQ, Friday was taking a day off just for myself, Saturday I met two new groups of friends (and gave my number to a 24 year old that I never expect to actually call) and Sunday I made a new meal.

I have a Trader Joe's cookbook that I've been trying to use for a while so I made a Mustard and Maple Chicken dish.  SO easy and actually really good.  I'd never cooked dark meat, so that was interesting too.    Basically you mix together maple syrup, dijon mustard and rice vinegar and coat the chicken and bake.  I made some veggies and rice to go with it.  It's definitely added into the rotation.

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