Thursday, March 10, 2011


No, not the go-out-to-dinner-with-a-boy dates, the fruit dates.

Last night for Bunco I made a new appetizer that I owe to my friend, Michelle.  She's made them a few times and I'm in love so I had to make them.  I was silly and forgot to take a picture, but here is something pretty close to what mine looked like, but I added pecans.

They are SO easy to make and SO delicious.  

1 package of pitted dates (approx 40)
small package of goat cheese
pecan halves
5-6 thin slices of prosciutto

Heat oven to 350
Slice the dates on one side so they open and you can put stuff inside (they're stickier than I thought) and place on a foil lined baking sheet
Spoon half a teaspoon of goat cheese into each date (you can never have too much goat cheese)
Put one pecan half into each date, they'll stick out a little bit, it's okay
Take your prosciutto slices and slice them again into 3-4 thin strips and wrap a strip around each date
I heated them for 3 minutes, just until the cheese started to melt

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  1. These sound so good! Pecans, goat cheese, how could you go wrong?! Dates are also sometimes tasty as a little snack stuffed with peanut butter or almond butter.