Thursday, March 17, 2011

Business trip and running!

I traveled for work for the past two days so I didn't have time to update the blog.  BUT I still did new things!

The night of my birthday I went out for drinks with two friends to Spice Market at the W hotel.  The drinks were expensive (but good) and the bar definitely closed too early.  AND PARKING WAS $8 AND HOUR! WTF.  We will not be going back there.

Tuesday I drove to Salisbury, NC and went out with a co-worker for dinner.  It was my first time traveling with her and it give us a lot of time to get to know each other.  I took her to my favorite Italian restaurant in Salisbury, La Cava.  I can't put into words how delicious all of their food is.  I haven't had a single bad meal and being the only good restaurant in the city, I've been there a few times.  The eggplant parm is to die for.  It's only on the menu as a special and when they have it, I don't even listen to anything other special.  Eggplant Parm all the way.

I live in the best part of town!

Yesterday was also the first real day of "get bikini ready 2011".  I ran 2.4 miles in 30 minutes.  I really need to get that distance up in 30 minutes, but it was my first day out I'll get better.  I'm building a calendar to keep myself on track.  Any suggestions as to how to motivate myself?  I'm not really good at getting myself out to run.  I have such a great park, I know I have the best place in the city for running.  Check out my last run!  Day One Run  That's my favorite website for tracking my runs.... is there a better one out there?

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